Kaplan Fox offers more than 35 years of experience in complex litigation and the track record that clients demand.

We have the tools necessary to aggressively pursue our clients’ rights on issues of securities fraud, corporate governance, competition/antitrust and consumer protection. Kaplan Fox also offers the ability to monitor your entire investment portfolio in real time. Know what you need to know regarding potential liabilities and class action exposure and settlements.

Complete Portfolio Monitoring

We offer custom class action and portfolio monitoring tools that provide real-time calculations of profit and loss, and flags investments that have the potential to be affected by class actions.

Comprehensive Class Action Tracking

We track all class action investigations, cases, and settlements. This knowledge gives you the power to take action when action is needed. The process takes minutes, and you can monitor a limitless number of companies.

End-to-End Case Management

Kaplan Fox is with you from start to finish. From investigation to settlement, we carefully track each case to see the road ahead. We even provide easy-to-use settlement filing services, including pre-filing confirmation of claims, settlement award confirmations, and delivery.